Different between AMD, Ryzen and Intel

computer processor
computer processor

Talking about computer processor, many people think AMD Ryzen is similar to intel core but the fact is, its not true. AMD is the company or manufacturer which makes CPU’s, GPU’s, etc. similar to intel and Ryzen is a series of processor, lunched by AMD. Ryzen is owned by AMD, in this sense they are same, but not exactly.

Now, let’s us talk about them.

AMD(Advanced Micro Devices)


The founder of AMD is Walter Jeremiah Sanders with seven others in 1969. At that time Sanders was an executive for a semiconductor company. In 1972, the company became public and started to manufacture computer chips. It is an American international semiconductor company located in Santa Clara, California.

These are some important figures in the AMD company. Lisa Su (Chair and Chief Executive Officer) John Edward Caldwell (Lead Independent Director) Mark Paper master (CTO) Am2900 series (1975) is the first microprocessor In February 1982, AMD signed a contract with Intel, becoming a licensed second-source manufacturer of 8086 and 8088 processors.

 IBM wanted to use the Intel 8088 in its IBM PC, but its policy at the time was to require at least two sources for its chips. AMD later produced the Am286 under the same arrangement. In 1984, Intel internally decided to no longer cooperate with AMD in supplying product information to shore up its advantage in the marketplace, and delayed and eventually refused to convey the technical details of the Intel 80386. 

AMD Ryzen

In 1987, AMD invoked arbitration over the issue, and Intel reacted by canceling 1982 technological- exchange agreement altogether. After three years of testimony, AMD eventually won in arbitration in 1992, but Intel disputed this decision. In March 1991, AMD released the Am386, its clone of the Intel 386 processor. By October of the same year, it had sold one million units. In 1993, AMD introduced the first of the Am486 family of processors, which proved popular with a large number of original equipment manufacturers, including Compaq, which signed an exclusive agreement using the Am486.

In 2008 AMD announced plans to split the company in two—with one part designing microprocessors and the other manufacturing them. In 2014 the company was restructured into two parts: computing and graphics, which made processors for personal computers, and enterprise, embedded, and semi-custom, which made more- specialized processors. Nowadays, AMD are getting biggest competition for gaming CPU and GPU with INTEL as AMD is very popular among the gamers who use AMD processors for heavy gaming.


Ryzen Processor

AMD is the manufacturer of different kinds of microprocessors and other electronic products which include Ryzen and Athlon microprocessors. AMD has become popular since the demand for gaming processors and nowadays most gaming laptops consist of Ryzen processors. Ryzen is a well-known brand of a multi-core processor of x86 and x64 bits which are designed and marketed by AMD. It is made for desktop, laptop, mobile, and other embedded platforms based on Zen microarchitecture. AMD officially announced a new series of processors, named " Ryzen & quot; during its New Horizon summit on December 13, 2016, and was first launched as the Ryzen 1000 series processor in February 2017 but released on March 2, 2017. The cores mainstream has up to 16 cores. The Ryzen processor with Radeon graphics makes the best gaming environment for any user with gaming experiences.


Linux requires kernel version of 4.10 or newer to get the full support of the Ryzen processors to fully gain its performance. From June 2021, Windows 11 doesn’t support the first-generation of Ryzen CPUs.

AMD is also working on Athlon Zen-based processors which can reach up to the 3.5 GHz of CPU clock rate. It was launched on September 6, 2018. Whereas Athlon classic was the first microprocessor that could reach up to 1 GHz of clock rate released on June 23, 1999. The modern Zen-based Athlon with a Radeon Graphics processor was introduced in 2019 as AMD's highest-performance entry-level processor.

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INTEL (Integrated Electronics)


In our modern world, there is no one who does not use electronic devices, and we all have heard about the INTEL while exploring electronic devices. It is the world’s largest company that manufactures the x86 microprocessor usually used in personal computers. It was formerly known as NM electronics.

INTEL is an international company manufacturing and designing semi-conductor microchips used in desktops and laptops. Its headquarters are located in Santa Carla, California. It was founded on 18th July 1968 by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce.

Intel made it possible for the rise of Silicon Valley as a high-tech center. Robert Noyce was the inventor of the integrated circuit. Intel was also an early developer of SRAM and DRAM memory chips and created the world' s first commercial microprocessor chip in 1971.

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Intel became dominant in manufacturing microprocessors for personal computers during the period 1990. It became the competitor of AMD for microprocessors which is also a microchip company and tried to take control over the PC industry. The first product of Intel after the foundation was the 3101 SRAM. The Chief executive officer of Intel is Pat Gelsinger (8th CEO). The main product of Intel is their Intel core microprocessor which is the CPU in personal computers. Intel core was launched in January 2006 and it has up to intel core i9 from i1 and Pentium.

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