Online driving license form is a paper or document or we can say it is a process of making license, first of all, we have to fillup the form to get a license, after filling up the form, the transport management office gives certain visit date which is also called as an office to visit date or appointment date. On this date, we have to visit the transport management office. On the appointment date, the transport management officer sees our details or our personal information and put them on the online license, so that, if we search our license number on the internet/website we can see our full information. does ivermectin kill fleas and ticks

If you want to fill up the form online you can console with us, If you don’t wanna console we will give you an idea of how to fill up the form.

How to fillup the form Online ?

  • Go to Google Chrome
  • Search Online driving license Nepal
  • Click to the Link or website
  • Fillup all the required information given by the thansport management office
  • After that, Click save details and write the correct captcha on that website
  • After that your form is ready.

How to fillup the add catagory online form ? ivermectina para perros precio chile

  • GO to google chrome
  • Search the Online driving license form
  • Click the link of the online driving license form
  • You will redirect to the homepage of the Online driving form
  • On the homepage you can see “NEW or ADD CATEGORY”
  • Click to add catagory
  • You can see 2 boxes you need to fill up the details of yours.
  • After that click saves details and download the pdf which is provided by the transport management office.

News about opening online form

The online driving license form is going to open after some days. According to the news the form will open in Jestha 4 2078 or Jestha 1 2078, but this is not accurate news. If something occurs like a public holiday or election, it may not be open. ivermectin injectable dose for goats

The form was closed in march 2022 due to overload. After three months it is gonna open, So if you don’t have the license and even if you don’t have to fill up the form then this is a good opportunity for you.

If you have any problem related to the online driving license form you may contact our official Facebook page ONLINE DRIVING LICENSE NEPAL “OFFICIAL AND URGENT” or Facebook id LICENSE NEPAL and also don’t forget to contact our mobile number: 9862282235 (NTC), 9807758693 (NCELL).

This is phone number of online driving license form fillup group

  • 9862282235
  • 9807758693

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