Elon says “we will recall around 54,000 cars which has some faults”

Tesla is quickly becoming the must popular car in worldwide because of its regulation on safety and vehicle emission and due to its advanced technology. But in other hand Tesla will recall around 54,000 cars which has full self-driving (bets) also known as (FSDB) soft that which is not working properly. اليورو 2022 In tesla car there is a feature which is “rolling stops” some time this feature is not doing well which causes a safety risk. العاب بلاك جاك

This problem is observed in some cars like, Model ‘X’, Model ‘S’, Model ‘3’, and Model ‘Y’. Tesla will perform an over-the-air software update that disables the ‘rolling stop’ feature. The agency also says that, “maintain regular discussion with all manufacturer to discuss potential safety concerns of these types of system.’

Elon also said “there were no safety issues” with the function. “The car simply slow to 2 mph and continued forward if clear view with 0 cars or pedestrians,” on Twitter.

Last week, Tesla company said the FSD beta cars is increased rapidly from few thousand to sixty thousand at last October. Tesla is also frequently testing the improved version of FSD beta software on many places, like in Public roads, but they said it is not fully autonomous, the software doesn’t make the car autonomous.

Tesla also said on January 27 that, “it was not aware of any warranty claims, crashes, injures related to the recall. لعب لعبة كونكر

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