Free fire Ban In India

The game which has almost 100 million active players per day and the highest download mobile game in 2019, as well as which is gaining prestigious awards on play Store and App Store is non-other than Garena Free Fire.


free fire
free fire

Free Fire is one of the most famous and popular multiplayer battle royal games. This game
was launched in many countries but it is mostly famous in South Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc. by Garena a digital service company from Singapore.

This game had become the most downloaded game in 2019 and earned the “Best popular voted game” award by Google play. Garena has hosted many games of free fire throughout the world. It was made for Android and iOS users free of cost. Most of the popular players are from South Asia.

free fire in android and in iOS

From this game players not only enjoy, but also they are getting benefit from it. By streaming on youtube they earn lots of money from it. Some of the famous players are Total gaming(also known as Ajju Vai) who has 31.2M subscribe on youtube, A_s gaming, Dyland pros, Lokesh gamer, Gyan gaming, etc.

Ban !

free fire ban in india

Garena free fire is one of the famous multiplayer games played in India. But it is now banned in that country. Not only free fire they also ban famous apps like Beauty Camera-selfie Camera, Viva Video Editor, and Applock. As the Indian government has banned all Chinese apps. As we know Garena is a company from Singapore and the CEO and founder of it is Forrest li.

Reason Behind

india flag

According to MeitY(Ministry of electronic information technology), the banned apps in India were found to be collecting and sending user data of Indians to other nations like China. Players of the game have been reporting the absence of the game from the Google Play Store.

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Due to this, free fire is banned in India. It had crossed 450 million downloads and completed the earning of $1billion USD.

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