How to apply online Driving license Form In Nepal

Online Driving License form in Nepal

To apply the form, First of all, you need to go to Google and search “online driving license” in the search bar of google given in this picture

link of license

Click to the Link

Then you need to click on the link given in the picture. After clicking the link you will be redirected to the Official website of the transport management office where we can fillup out the form of the license of transportation. The website is shown below.

Login Page

login page
Login Page of transport management office

Then, You have to click to Sign up, which is given at the bottom. After clicking to sign up you will be again redirected to another page, Which is again shown in the picture.

Register Page

signup page
Register Page-online driving license

After clicking the Signup button shown on the previous page, you can see this type of image on your computer/mobile. On this page, you have to fill up your first name, middle name(not required), and last name as shown in the above picture. Then, you have to give your accurate date of birth, and valid (Your own) mobile number. After that, you have to give a password. I have given a password (Ram@3210) like this you should also have to give a password. Then you have to re-write your password. After that, give a security question like mine. Then click to sign up. After clicking Sign up you have to insert the code number which will come in your mobile number which was inserted above.


message will be available after some time in your mobile message box.

otp code
otp in mobile number

You have to insert this OTP.

otp box
otp-online driving license number

After inserting the correct OTP number just click to confirm. After your confirmation you will be redirected to another page. Which is shown below.

Main Dashboard

main dashboard
main dashboard-how to apply online driving license

After that, you have to fillup all the required feild, like:

  • Your Personal details
  • Address
  • Citizenship details
  • Password Details (not required)

Personal Details

personal information
personal details-nepali license
online driving License

On this page, you have to fill up your details. You have to fill up your name in Nepali too. You have to choose your gender, blood group, and transport management office which is nearest to you. After that, you have to fill up your guardian name too. Again you have to give your other information.

After that click to submit button and again click to the box ( I hereby claim that my personal details according to citizenship and guardians’ information provided are true and authentic. If it is proven fraud with any reasons I accept the punishment as prevailing Nepal law) and click submit.

Address Page

After Clicking to submit, you will be redirected to this page.

Address page | online driving license

After filling up your personal address (fill same data which is in your citizenship) data click to same as permanent. Then again click to submit button. Again click to submit. After that again you will be redirected to another page.

Citizenship Details

citizenship details
Citiszenship details-online driving license nepal

After giving proper required documents like your citizenship, citizenship number, citizenship type, issue district, and issue date you have to click to submit again. After that you have to click submit again. Then you will be again redirected to another page.

Citizenship Additional Information

same address
Additional details- license number

After giving additional details of citizenship you also have to give your grandfather’s name. After filling up all required fields click submit. Then again click submit. After that, you will be redirected to the main dashboard.

Apply For Driving License

apply for license form
Apply for driving license-license nepal

Finally, you are ready to apply for a driving license. To apply form, you have to click apply for driving license option, which is also indicated in the above picture.

  • step 1

Tick to terms and condition

step 1 to apply form
terms and conditions
  • step 2

Choose your category (suppose I need a bike License. So I have selected the bike category.

choose catagory
choose catagory-license nepal
  • step 3

Select your nearest transport management office (I am in Kathmandu so, I have chosen Bagmati-Thulobharyang)

choose office
Choose your nearest transport management office-license nepal
  • Select Desired Date

On this page, you have to choose your desired office visit date (suppose I will be free on Shrawan 15 so I have chosen Shrawan 11)

select date
Select Desired Date-online driving license nepal

After selecting the Desire date in the calendar, click apply which is shown below

apply for license
clicl apply online driving license form

After clicking to next you will again be redirected to another popup message. Which is shown below.

Insert OTP

insert OTP
otp fillup

After filling opt number, click confirm. When you click confirm you have successfully filled up your driving license form and you can see this type of interface.

your form is ready
successfully applied online driving license form.

But !

Why print Application is not showing?

To get a “print application” you have to wait for an hour. After some time the “print application” option will come automatically like this.

print application
Print application option not showing problem

You have to refresh your web browser after some time to get the print application option.

After that ?

Now After that, you have to click the Print Application option and download the application by clicking to print button and saving it in the file.

application download
application ready.

Now you have to wait for your desired date and then visit your chosen transport management office by carrying this application and original citizenship.

Problem While Applying Form Of Driving License

Now let’s us talk about the problem while applying driving license form. Some of the major problems are

  • We can’t get(select) visit date easily.
  • Sometime we fillup wrong data like: mistake name, citizenship number, address etc.


To get a visit date you have to try from Saturday to Tuesday. And to avoid mistake you can consolu to transport management office.

Also, read Online driving license form problem.

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