KGF Chapter-1


It is the most awaited movie of the year since KGF Chapter-1, released in 2018 on the 21st of December around the world. KGF chapter-1 was all about the mother, her importance, and the strength she carries with her to protect her child. But it was also about mines and the power behind being a unity. جريزمان بالانجليزي

STORY of KGF chapter-1

In this movie, there are big mines where people work like animals. They got kidnapped from the cities by “GARUDA” the main villain of the movie Ramachandra Raju who is also the bodyguard of YASH.

After Kidnapping, they treat them like an animal. They should work under the mines to extract the gold. If they did some mistakes or if they are disabled, the villain directly shoots them. بوسكت People feel like hell. Then the Hero got entry to kill the main villain “GARUDA”. After planning Rocky was able to kill the Garuda in front of all people. Due to this, the miners feel like they got the God to rescue them from the mines. This incident occurs in chapter 1 of KGF. Additional information (Box office collection of KGF chapter 1 was 250 crore (Indian currency) and the budget of the film was only 80 crore).

The star Yash who played Rocky Bhai in the movie won the hearts of many national and international fans through his strong character display and performance. The music of the movie was also one of the main reasons for being a super hit which grossed around 250 crores.

KGF chapter-2

KGF chapter-2 which was released on 14th April is becoming trending news. As it has been dominating the box office since its release. The new members like Sanjay Dutt and Ravina Tandan have added some fierce scenes and action to the film. The film crossed over 200 crores on the first day which is better than the movies before like Dangal, Bahubali, Bahubali-2, etc.

STORY of KGF chapter-2

In this chapter, we can see Sanjay Dutt from Bollywood, as the main villain who plays the outstanding role of “ADHIRA”. In chapter 2 after the death of “GARUDA” ADHIRA comes to rule over the KGF (Kolar goldfields) by killing Rocky, but instead of killing Rocky, he mistakenly kills his pregnant wife, which is heart-breaking seen in this chapter. At last, Rocky also got killed (sinks under the ocean with gold, not officially died). So the film is incomplete. Also, the narrator of this movie tells at last that, it was the part of the plan done by Rocky. It was officially announced that the KGF chapter-3 would also lunch. سرعة سيارات الرالي

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