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Online License Form

Recently, the license form is closed. There is one reason behind closing the online driving license form. The main reason is an election. Due to the election which is going to be held on mangsir 4, the form is closed. The form will re-open after the election. According to the source, the form will reopen on mangsir 10.


There are some rules you need to know before filling online driving license form.

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  1. Transport Management Offices / Transport Management Service Offices verify application details and take biometrics of an applicant every 4 days of a week (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday except public holiday) for New Driving License and Category Add. For this, an applicant has to register an online application against the office within each 16 days if the quota of license category for the office is remaining by creating an applicant account in the system at first. New application form will be opened for each 16th day from 7 AM and an applicant can apply the form online within 7 days and 24 hours till quota of license category is available. An applicant should not create more than one his/her applicant profile in the system.
  2. If there is any problem while filling the online form (except quota), please go to “Report a Problem” and send your problem. A screenshot should also be kept so that the problem is understood.
  3. The age of an applicant for two-wheelers (category A/K), small vehicles (category B), and other vehicles should be 16, 18, and 21 years respectively.

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