Marvel vs DC

Marvel Studios

marvel vs dc

As we all know the “Avengers” movie. The trilogy of the movie and the END game was a super hit all over the world. The new movie Spiderman No way home was also the biggest movie grossing in the world. These movies are based on Marvel comics production which is only possible because of the hard work of the late Stan Lee.

Stan Lee
Stan Lee

These comic characters get alive in 3d form by the Marvel studios. They are the reason we can watch such great movies. Audiences don’t move from their seats in the theatre until the post-credit scenes are shown. Originally Marvel studios were known as Marvel Films from 1993 to 1996. It is an American film and television production company branch of Walt Disney.

It was founded on 7th December 1993 by Avi Arad and Toy Biz. The genre of this company is mostly Superheroes. Lately, It has also made a few television shows like Wanda Vision, Falcon and the winter soldier, Hawkeye, Moon knight, etc. These are the main person of the studios:

 Kevin Feige (president)

 Louis D' Esposito (co-president)

 Victoria Alonso (head of the production)

The rise of this studio was from the 2008 making of Ironman and Avengers (2012). Since then, Marvel Studios movies are becoming famous all over the world.

marvel vs dc

The Marvel studios were going to be bankrupt in the early 21st century because of that Sony company could have bought all the character’s copyright from them with 21 million dollars only but Sony only bought Spiderman saying other characters are not worth it but we can see now the Ironman, Thor, Captain America, Black widow, Hulk, and Hawkeye are popular these days. The upcoming movies from Marvel are Thor: Love and Thunder, Guardian of the galaxy vol-III, and Doctor strange multiverse of madness releasing on May 26, 2022.

DC (Detective Comics)

As we all know Superman, Batman, Wonder woman, Flash, and many more. Every kid wanted to be a superhero, and those superheroes were presented by DC entertainment. It is one of the oldest and most famous American Comic book publishers and the parent company is DC entertainment which is a subsidiary of Warner Bros.

DC was founded by Malcolm wheeler-Nicholson in 1934 but it was known as a National Allied publication at that time,  then in 1961, it again changed into a national periodical publication. Later on, in 1977 it got the name we all know as DC.  DC stands for Detective Comics cause the comics it publishes have a mysterious and dramatic genre with fictional DC universe superheroes.

marvel vs dc

The film adaption did by DC is usually based on DC comic characters which include live-action, serials, and animated movies. In 1996, Batman was released for the first time, and its series later. DC became famous as superman was released in 1978 with its franchises later.

The upcoming movies are Black Adam's released in 2022 and Shazam and Aqua man 2 in 2023, and the flash in late 2022. Due to the competition with the Marvel universe, the life- The action of the DC universe somewhat lacks connection with audiences. But the latest release of The Batman in early 2022 is changing the views of audiences.


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