Mining Sulfur “The Devil’s Gold” In An Active Volcano


One of the Miner said, “When I work, and I feel tried, in my mind I will pray, I wish I could get the top quickly and safe.”

Sulfur, also called as devil’s gold by local, which is used in for making batteries, detergent, paper, cosmetic products, making white sugar, fertilizer etc. Do you know how the sulfur made and how people extract it. First lets us know what is Sulfur.


A sulfur is a non-metallic chemical element. It is tasteless, odorless, better solid, which has pale yellow color It is the most reactive element but a bad conductor of electricity. Which is mainly found in active volcano.

How does sulfur formed from volcano ?

When the super hot smoke of volcano hits the cooler air outside, it condenses the liquid and drips off the pipe. اسكريل It is red when it drips but, It shouldn’t be touched. أمريكان اكسبرس If the drips get into your hand, your hand may get serious injured. After it comes down , It solidifies and cools, and it turns into yellow and miners can chip off blocks. This is why the local gives the name “Devil’s gold”.

The mining process


Hundreds of miners works inside the active volcano. They are battling with toxic gas all the day while mining. Even, the air can reach unto 100 degrees Fahrenheit Peoples are risking their lives while mining sulfur in active volcano. As we know how much danger will occurs while working in active volcano. You can also think yourself.

They even use their bare hand to pick the sulfur. Although touching sulfur can cause rashes and blisters. According to research the average life expenditure of worker is only 50 years. العاب كوتشينه In the past 40 years, 74 miners have died while mining sulfur. The miners have to carry 200 to 300 pounds (twice of their body weight) of sulfur up and down in dangerous steep clips.

After reaching in factory they boil the sulfur and run it through a series of filters. Then they remove sand and dirt particle from it. After filtering it. They poured sulfur in the floor to cool. Then they are ready to use. After that the sulfur is sent to sugar factories. It’s also process into sulfuric acid. It also used for making fireworks, gunpowder and matches. Today, a sulfur industry worth almost 13billion $.

Although some miner can’t even afford a gas mark to protect themselves form poisonous fumes which comes from volcano. They have to use their handkerchief to protect from gas. Because they can only get $12 to 1$8 a day. They say that the gas burns their lungs and makes tears from their eyes. So, why is this form of mining is still happening ?

Although, why peoples are choosing such a risky job ?

One miner said “Even through this is very dangerous situation, we dare to die because we’re afraid of hunger.” They have to feed their family member. There is no any jobs in that remote area. They don’t have other choice to do.

Question ?

How we can stop this ? Comment down your opinion. Let us help them together.

source: “Insider news” YouTube channel. You can go and watch there.

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