N’Golo Kanté

Even being a small stature, A person who became player of the year,  become the first midfield player to win back to back English League titles playing for different teams in 2017 also named by L’Équipe as the world’s 6th best footballer in 2016 and also nominated for the Ballon d’Or in 2007 is non-other then N’Golo Kanté


N'Golo Kanté

N’Golo Kanté is a professional football player who plays for Chelsea in the Premier League and his home country France as a central midfielder. He was born on March 29 to 1991 in Paris to Malian parents. N’Golo Kanté was born as the first child of four brothers and sisters. His dad died when he was 11.

Struggle of N’Golo Kanté

They migrated from Mali (West Africa) to Paris for a better life in 1988. Even though they were in Paris their life was not easy they had to struggle a lot for a living and also his childhood was not luxurious he had to sweep the streets and wash the cars.

Struggle of N'Golo Kanté
the struggle of N’Golo Kanté

Kanté used to walk miles around the suburbs in the east of the city in order to get valuable waste. He used to pick up trash thrown by football fans in-stadium. He used to pick lots of trash across the stadium to make money. Shortly, after 1998(France win the World Cup) he saw a different France. He saw an opportunity in football. He starts his football carrier in JS Suresnes in the west suburbs of Paris.

After registration in the club, he was immediately recognized by teammates as a small and talented player. His small stature almost looked like the size of a kid. He was always taken away from the radar because of his small stature by the bigger teams in the beginning phase of his game. But he never stops playing football and became a great midfielder of this generation.


Kanté’s first debut match was in Premier League against West Ham United on August 15, 2016. When he was in Chelsea he made his debut. He made a lot of contributions to his club and his country for winning and coming runner up at main matches.


Kante won the PFA Players’ Player of the Year and FWA Footballer of the Year to become the first outfield player to win back-to-back English league titles playing for different teams in 2017. His hard work earned him to win the 2018 world cup trophy.

Achievements of N'Golo Kanté
achievement of N’Golo Kanté/source- https://www.transfermarkt.us/ngolo-kante/erfolge/spieler/225083

Without a doubt, he has proven to the world that he is one of the best players due to his hard work and his dedication to his football carrier.

Kanté’s Personal Life

N’Golo Kante is very humble and modest. Everyone gets shocked when they find out that N’golo Kante is a millionaire footballer who leads a very modest lifestyle. During The France celebration at the 2018 World cup, he was too shy to celebrate with teammates and to hold the world cup trophy.

N’Golo Kanté donates lots of money to charity and also helps orphans children. Also, read our other article about BITCOIN, NFT, etc.

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