Online Driving License Form Problem

Online Driving License Form

After Long time, Finally, Dotm has opened the form of License. Dotm got a fully new website. In this new system, we can choose the desired date to visit Transport Management Office. But due to some reason, it doesn’t work since yesterday. Let’s see what is the problems. This is from Gandaki License Pokhara.


  • Red-colored number indicates that, the office will be closed and we can’t select that day to visit the transport management office
  • Bold-Black color (24, 25, 26, 30, 31) number indicates that, the visit date is available on that days.
  • Black color (1, 2, 3, 4,…….) indicates that the quota is already full on that days.
  • If all days in the calendar are like the black color then, if you can’t apply form or the days are not got selected, then wait till next notice.
Desire Date in Online Driving LIcense form
Driving license problem

Driving License form Problem

According to Gandaki License Pokhara “

We would like to inform you that according to the new system of the Transport Management Department, it is not possible to select the Select Desire Date after 15 days while filling the Online Form.
You will be able to select the 15th-day Desire Date (visit Date) until the quota is available.
The online form of the applicants who do not get traffic on Visit Date will be canceled automatically.
Note: After reading this information, we request you not to ask again and again why you do not want to select Desire Date. You can message for other information."

Thanks to Gandaki License Pokhara for Providing us with Information.

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