Driving License Form Open Date

driving license open date
driving license open date

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When will the new application for driver’s license be opened? | Licensse form open date |

The Department of Transport Management has said that it is difficult to open a new application for a driver’s license within the stipulated time due to technical problems. Namaraj Ghimire, Director General of the Department of Transport, said that it was too late to open a new application due to technical problems in integrating the old electronic driving license vehicle registration system and the new online driving license registration, smart card system.

The Department of Transportation is preparing to take the license exam within 15 days of applying online. The department had claimed that the service recipients would be able to contact the office within 15 days after opening the license application from 4 May, but the department said that it was delayed due to technical problems. “The department is preparing to open for new applications by the end of this week. | Licensse form open date|.

Smart license
license open date

With the new system, the license application will be open till the end of the second year of May, the revenue will also be online.Engineer of the Transport Management Department Santosh Pokharel had said that they were ready to open the online application till Sunday if there was no problem in the system.”There is still some work to be done on the system and we will take the application within this week,” he said. So we urge everyone to be patient.

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