OSR Digital’s YouTube channel has been hacked

Recently, one of the most popular and subscribed YouTube channel of Nepal OSR digital has been hacked. It shows like this.

osr digital got hacked
osr digital got hacked

There are no videos and films on OSR digital. All of the videos have been removed it. This channel was created on November 19, 2014 / 2072 Kartik 28. This YouTube channel has 2,443,210,823 views till now and it has got 5.45 million subscribers.

Many Nepali YouTube channel has been hacked by hacker till now. انو Some of them are :

Why the hacker hack the channel

  • To sell
  • To run an illegal business and also to stream video from it

How the channel get hacked

In most case a hacker, simply send the email to the owner of YouTube channel to offer the good amount by asking them to show their ads on their channel. When the owner of YouTube channel clicks or open the links or emails of hacker, they get all the access of the YouTube channel and then, they can remove Logo, banner, videos, and films like osr got hacked.

How to avoid from hacker

  • Never open any suspicious email
  • Don’t click any suspicious link
  • Never register or login on any website or links on social media, which is un-authorized
  • Never provide your YouTube channel’s email on social media or on YouTube. Rather than give them another email.
  • Never download the attached file from a suspicious email
  • Always use 2 Factor Authentication
  • Never download malicious software
  • Hire a good IT officer

Does the hacked YouTube channel like osr got recovery ?

Yes, the hacked channel can be recovery. All Nepali YouTube channel has been successfully recovered from hacker.

First, Go to your google account, then on the left navigation panel you need to click security. uno rules Under the “signing in to google” add recovery option to get back in your account easily in the future. العاب الانترنت source google.com

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