70 Point System in Nepal

Online Driving License Point System

This is the new system of transport management office in trial. People can pass even if they made a little mistake in the trial. In the old system people have to clear all the obstacles in the trial, eight, narrow roads, U-turn, traffic sign, Zebra crossing, speed breaker, and up and down without a single mistake. If they touch the yellow line, Engine off or if they touch the ground on foot they will be declared a failure.

If they can’t complete the narrow road they are also declared a fail. If they did any mistake in the U-turn to turn on the side light, they also can’t get a license. If they did any mistake in zebra crossing, speed breaker, up and down they are also declared a failure.

Point System In License

But, Now if you did a mistake in 8 you can’t be declared a fail. Mark system 8 contain 5 mark, narrow path contains 10 mark, U-Turn contains 10 mark similarly, traffic light contains 15 mark and speed breaker contain 5 mark. Also, the mirror contains 3 marks, helmet contains 4 marks.

Obstacle in TrialMark contain
85 mark
Narrow Plank10 mark
U-turn10 mark
Traffic Sign15 mark
Speed Breaker5 mark

lets see in more details


This system has been applied in province 1, Gandaki, Lumbini and Sudurpaschim provinces. Madhes, Bagmati, and Karnali provinces are hesitating to implement this system.

If you have any problem related to transportation you may ask without hesitation.

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