30 Reasons to buy an iPhone


iphone 14
iphone 14

We all know about the Apple incorporation’s products iPhone, iPad tablets, and Mac books. Nowadays the popularity of Apple products are off the charts because of their quality and its operating system is much better than other brands. The Apple incorporation started on 1996 April 1 by  Steve JobsSteve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. They are the founders of the Apple incorporation. At first, the company used to manufacture home desktops for a decade.

The first iPhone was released on 29th June 2007 by Steve Jobs. And since then, the popularity of the iPhone is only increasing. The popularity has reached all over the world. Everyone knows about the Apple’s logo which is widely famous throughout the world.

firts iphone
first iPhone

iPhone became popular due to its beautiful photo qualities and the best operating system which can work smoothly with even less ram, unlike the other mobile brands. There are many androids brands which are similar to or better than iPhone. Due to the popularity of the iPhones, other brands are also working best to make better quality products of smartphones that could rival the Apple brand. Even though the features present in the iPhone are more lacking than the Androids, iPhone is still preferred by the majority of the world. It shows the class and standard of the person who owns an iPhone. Everyone seems to cherish iPhone even though, nowadays Androids are able to compete with the Apple brand. iPhone can be connected to the other mac devices like MacBook, iPad etc. Now, let’s come to the main point, why we need to buy an iPhone. We have given you the 30 reasons to buy an iPhone.

30 Reasons to buy an iPhone

reason to buy an iphone
reason to buy an iPhone
  1. The main reason to buy an iPhone is Security. iPhone is very safe and secure. There is very less chance to get hacked.
  2. iPhone has an amazing camera
  3. IOS gives you 5-6 years of update
  4. iPhone has the fastest chipsets on the planet. Apple is going to introduce the A15 bionic chipset powering the new iPhone 14.
  5. Better hardware and software integration.
  6. The quality of music and videos
  7. iPhone is too easy and reliable to use.
  8. The triple camera and iPhone logo on its back (funny)
  9. Its body made up of surgical-grade stainless steel, that’s sounds more premium to use.
  10.  iPhone has numerous advanced features like focus mood, better privacy, using AI(Siri) to share content, macro photography, fumble, bumble, and tumble resistance.
  11.  Superfast, Superfluid, super retina XDR display with Pro Motion
  12.  A dramatically more Pro Camera and macro shooting
  13.  The best battery life
  14.  The UI has everything exactly the same as what you want it to be.
  15.  Operating system of the iPhone is too good
  16.  Best value on second-hand market
  17.  One of the reasons to buy an iPhone was to get the latest tech on your hand
  18.  Compatible in size. You can get both large and small phones as your wish
  19.  iPhone has enormous storage capacity. iPhone 13 and 13 pro max have up to 1TB of storage, which is the largest storage capacity ever offered in an iPhone
  20.  According to rumors, iPhone 14 can support satellite network
  21.  iPhone is one of the best mobile phones for gaming purposes, it comes with a 120 Hz refresh rate and the most powerful processor on the planet
  22.  Best phone for vlogging
  23.  It shows battery health, which feels quite premium
  24.  The main reason to buy an iPhone was its brand “APPLE”
  25.  Sunrise option in a dark mood
  26.  If you have a MacBook, you can transfer really heavy files on your iPhone within 10 seconds
  27.  You can get iCloud storage
  28.  You can receive your phone call from MacBook when your iPhone is on charge or let’s say it’s far from you
  29.  Crash detection
  30.  Last but not least, it makes your life easy, if you buy an iPhone, you would become fond of an Apple product.

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