Short Biography of Robert Downey Jr.(IRON MAN)

A Man from Drug addict to becoming the world’s highest-paid actor and most loving actor of many audiences is non-other than Robert Downey Jr. A.K.A IRON MAN.

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Robert Downey Jr is a very famous and popular American actor and a producer, as we all know him for his amazing character Tony Stark a.k.a Ironman played by him. Downey Jr. has become a very respectable figure and an inspiration for many people. He is known and loved from kids to adults. فرنسي اون لاين He was born in Manhattan, New York on 4 th April 1965 and had made his debut in his father’s movie Pound in 1970 at the age of five.


His father’s name is Robert Downey Sr. who was an American actor and a filmmaker and his mother Elsie Ford who was an actor and a writer as well. He has an older sister Allyson Downey, who is also an actress and a writer.

Drug addiction

Before he became the most famous and honorable person of this generation, he had legal and drugs charges on him. He had spent his life in prison as well. From 1996 through 2001, Downey was arrested numerous times on charges related to drugs including cocaineheroin, and marijuana.  He said he had been addicted to drugs from an early age due to the fact that his father, also an addict, had been giving them to him.


Giving speech by Robert Downey Jr.

He played many small roles in theatre and films but he was not able to be successful. After all, the role that started his career was ’ where he played the role of a drug addict in 1987, film ‘Less Than Zero. His extraordinary performance got him many positive reviews from critics and art film enthusiasts. تحميل بوكر بويا قديم  

His realistic and natural performance gave him lots of offers from other directors. He got to act in averagely successful movies like ‘Soapdish’, ‘Chances Are’ and ‘Air America’ in the next 4 years. Back to back, he gave many more hit film-like, Chaplin (1992), ‘Gothika’, ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’, ‘Zodiac’, ‘Good Night and Good Luck’ and ‘A Scanner Darkly’.

Iron man with captain america

His first blockbuster film was ‘IROM MAN’ (2008) which grossed more than $580 million.


After so many years of hard work, Robert Downey Jr. was finally able to be part of Hollywood. He went on to star in ‘Iron Man 2’ in 2010 which went on to gross more than $620 million and ‘Iron Man 3’ in 2013 which grossed $1.2 billion. His latest film Avenger: Endgame (2019) became the most popular movie and it collects $2,797,800,564.

end game

His net worth is estimated to be over $ 300 million. He hasn’t won any Oscar or other trophy but his acting has made him very popular. لعبة الروليت Sherlock Holmes, Chaplin, Iron man, and Avengers End game are some of the best movies he has done. RDJ has also produced the latest in the Sweet tooth series available on Netflix. Also, read the biography about N’Golo Kanté.

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