Shortlist Of Printed Nepali Driving License(smartcard)

Check your smart card license in shortlist

To know whether your license is printed or not you need to scroll down and you have to click on the link. If your name is on the shortlist your license is printed and have to visit the transport management office to collect your smart card. If your name is not on the shortlist, wait for some months to get your smart card.

list of smart card

This Shortlist is only for Gandaki (Kaski Pokhara) Transport management office. If you are from Kathmandu, birgunj, itahari, and others, you have to apply another method.

How to check whether your smart card is printed or not?

  1. Search ‘online driving license’ on google.
  2. Then, Click to ‘online driving license system’.
  3. Click to license check.
  4. Then, Put your actual date of birth and license number and click on the search icon.
  5. If your license was printed, it shows your smart card. If not it says, ‘Could not get license details for provided information. Verify your details and try again.’

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