In simple word a metaverse is a future, a 3D virtual world focused on social connection, and a 3D universe that combines multiple different virtual spaces.  You can also think of it as a future iteration of the internet. The metaverse will allow us to work, meet, play game, and socialize together in these 3D spaces.

metaverse world


The founder of Metaverse is Philip Rosedale. However, it is now handled by Mark Zuckerberg. Metaverse was created on 2003. There are so many history shout meta. We will discuss in our next blog. Again let us talk about it.

Metaverse is a digital world created by using different technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (VR), and cryptocurrency, and the Internet in 3D virtual world. It would connect multiple platforms, similar to the internet containing different websites accessible through a single browser. 

According to Mark Zuckerberg, what is Metaverse ?

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According to him, The main mission of meta was to bring people together. To be in metaverse, first we should have to put glasses or headset. Then instantly, you will be in your home space, which is a part of your virtual home. You will see an incredibly inspiring view of whatever you find most beautiful. He also says that we can literally float or fly in sky. We can go whoever we like. Now let us talk about the benefit about metaverse.

earning money through digital world

What are the benefits of metaverse ?

  • We can work from home. Which save our time and also decrease road traffic.
  • Meta brings us together in 3D world. Which helps us to be away from aloneness, anxiety and depression.
  • Obviously, it also help us to reduce environment pollution because we can go wherever we want by wearing glasses. It helps to reduce the use of our vehicle.
  • We can sell our things in it.
  • Metaverse also provides job opportunity to developers and creators to maintain it.
  • We can also invest our money in metaverse.

Disadvantages of metaverse.

  • It could retard the ability of people to interact with one another in meaningful ways.
  • Monopoly power over social media.
  • It may affect our eye, causes headache
  • Also, it may create problems in our privacy life because it tracks us while using metaverse.
  • It may be more addictive in which we may forget our real life.


Metaverse is the trending word these days and everyone wants to join in it and wants to learn about it. This virtual 3D world has great potential to bring out exceptional opportunities, but it has many more things to learn about it because the things which have advantages, besides it also carry disadvantages.  lets us see how it takes shape during the upcoming years and how the world changes.

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